50 Squats

2 Minute Plank Holds

75 Squats

3 Minute Plank Holds

100 Squats

4 Minute Plank Holds


30/30 Push Press 2 times  75#/53#

30/30 Pull Ups  2 times

30/30 Flutter Kicks 2 times

2 Minute Rest

2 times


Front Squat  30 reps @ 65% 1 RM

Post times and load.

Coaching Tips: Scale load and movement to match your current fitness level. Plank holds are the top of a push up position. You must not let your knees hit the floor in order to be considered as Rx’d. If for some reason they do, you have to start the time all over again. This is a true test of mental toughness and focus. 30/30 hold position is locked out overhead on the push press, chin over bar on the pull up and feet 6″ off the ground for the flutter kicks. Again, it’s another test of mental and physical toughness.  Most people can clean the front squat weight up. If you can’t, you may use a rack.