Overhead Squat – Heavy Triple


12 Overhead Squat  95#/63#

6 Muscle Ups

5 times.

Post load and time.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level. Warm up properly before attempting any heavy sets.  A good rep scheme would be a light weight for 10 reps. Slightly  heavier for 5 reps for a couple of sets. Progress from there to get to your heaviest 3 rep max weight. Don't expend too much energy during the warm up. You shouldn't do more than 6 warm up sets. Substitutions for muscle ups will be 12 pull ups and 12 ring dips.

Special Dusty Birthday Workout.

AMRAP in 23 minutes of:

10 Thrusters  115#/ 88#

10 Pull Ups

3 Burpee Broad Jump (jump must be length of 1 black mat)

Post rounds.