1 Mile Run


Body Weight Back Squat

Burpee Pull Up

GHD Sit Up

1 Mile Run

Post time.

Free Class is at 10:00 a.m.  All fitness levels are invited. Free class workout is posted at the gym.

In last week's test of FGB, we discovered that we have elevated our fitness across the board. There were a lot of PR's of double digit reps for that benchmark workout. Although we have done FGB before, we have never done it at the new facility and there were many CFEC athletes that have never done it at all.  The new facility allowed us to transition from one exercise to the other with great ease.  That must have made a big difference in some veteran CFEC athlete's score improvement.  I suspect that the next time FGB comes around the normal pre-workout, anticipation nerves won't be so bad. It seems some have really conquered that hurdle.  Great job people.