AMRAP In 10 minutes.

KB Series

3 KB Swings  2 @ 35#/2 @ 26#

3 KB Front Squats

3 KB Push Jerks

3 KB Push Ups

Rest 3 Minutes.

250m Row

10-20-30 Unbroken Double Under Ladder

3 times.

Rest 3 minutes.

10 Clapping Push Ups

20 Toes to Bar

3 times.

Post rep total and times.

Coaching Tips:  The KB series are done like this: with both KB in hand, you'll do 3 Russian KB swings.  Russian KB swings are done to eye level only.  Kepp the 2 KB's between your knees on these.  Holding both KB's in the front rack position, complete 3 front squats.  Next, is 3 push jerks. Finally, you'll do 3 KB push ups.  Place the KB's on the ground and do push ups with your hands still on the KB handles.  Please, be extra careful while doing these, as the KB'sare very unstable in this position.  The second workout has you doing 10-20-30 unbroken double under ladder. This means any attempt of the double unders must be done unbroken. If you fail, you must start all over again in the set you are in.  For example, if you're doing the 20's and you fail at 15, you must start all over to be considered as Rx'd.