10-1,9-2,8-3,7-4,6-5,5-6,4-7,3-8,2-9,1-10 of:

"Games Standard" Push Ups

CTB Pull Ups


400m Run

15 Power Snatch  95#/63#  ( Comp. 135#/93#)

30 KB Swings  53#/35#

3 times.

60m Sprint

30m Bear Crawl

3 times.

Post times.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movement to match your current fitness level.  First workout has the push up standards that were used in the third to the last workout of the final event at the 2010 CrossFit Games.  The movement starts like all other push ups but the hands must leave the ground while you are in the down position.  This has a way of letting you think you can get a chance to rest, as your body will lay on the ground momentarily. Don't be lulled into this sense of relaxation.  Keep going.  You'll do 10 push ups, then 1 chest to bar pull up. 9 push ups and 2 CTB pull ups. And so on.  The second workout is a classic triplet with running in it.  The third is a sprint to the 30 meter mark and back.  Followed by a bear crawl for 30 meters.  Repeat for three total rounds. All workouts are short and sweet.

REMINDER:  Saturday, August 28th, CFEC will be having its 2nd Annual Beach Workout at Law Street in Pacific Beach. Classes will be held at 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00. There will be NO CLASSES at the gym this Saturday.  Come down and enjoy an outdoor workout and have some fun in the sun and surf afterwards.  All are welcome. Bring appropriate clothing and beach furnishings to enjoy the day.

Is she praying or trying to get some air into her lungs?  Diana spending quality time with the AirDyne.  Who's jealous?  Who wishes it was them getting some AirDyne love?