To Be Done In Teams Of 4 People:

1 "Indian Run" Mile Run

150 Thrusters  45#/25#

400 Double Unders

800m Fireman's Partner Carry

100 Squat Thrusts

1 "Indian Run" Mile Run

Post time.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  Beside the Indian Run, partition out the work any way as you'd like.  Two people can be working at the same time, while the remaining two rest.  Indian Run is performed where the team lines up single file and run single file. As you are running, the last person in line sprints to the front of the line. The team rotates in that manner until a mile has been completed. The team should run at a "conversation" pace. The mile runs must be completed as a team of 4. The rest of the workout can be divided up in any way to suit the strength and weaknesses of the team members. If there are not enough people in attendance to make up a complete team, the workload can be modified. 

REMINDER:  The CFEC's 2nd Annual Beach Workout will be held this Saturday, August 28th at Law Street in Pacific Beach. Class times are 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00. The gym will be CLOSED. Come join in on some fun in the sun. Enjoy a workout outdoors and stay for some other beach activities. All are welcome.