" Tag Team "

In teams of 2, perform the following:

75 Barrier Jumps

100 Box Jumps  24"/20"

20 30m Sled Drags

50 3 X 3 KB SDLHP/KB Swings   53#/35#

10 Minutes AirDyne Interval  ( :15 Hard/:15 Easy )

800m Squat and Run

Post time.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  For this workout, tag team means, one person works while the other rests. This applies to all the exercises except the squat and run.  The reps and distances are shared between the teams, team strategies determine who works more and/or rests more.  The barrier jumps are over a 3' 6" high barrier and each successful jump over the barrier is one rep.  3 X 3 KB complex is, 3 KB SDLHP and 3 KB swings equals one rep.  The squat and run works like this: while one person runs, the other person does squats. When team member 1 stops running, team member 2 runs, while team member 1 starts squatting. This continues until the prescribed distance is fully covered.  The distance each member runs is part of the team's strategy.