Level 1


10 @ 135#/95#

8 @ 155#/115#

6 @ 225#/155#

4 @ 265#/185#

2 @ 285#/205#


400m Run

50 Double Unders

15 Db Thrusters  35#/25#

3 times.

Post whether you did rep weight scheme and times.

Level II

1 Mile Run

Squats 80-64-48-32-24

KB Swings 40-32-24-16-12  53#/35#

Pull Ups 20-16-12-8-6

1 Mile Run

Post time.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  Do the deadlifts at your own pace. Do not attempt to lift outside your normal capabilities in the weight scheme given. If you cannot lift the weights, build your own bars at the weights you can manage.  Substitute 200 singles for the double unders, if you cannot do them yet.  L II workout goes like this: run, do 80 squats, 40 KBS and 20 pull ups the first set. Then do 64 squats, 32 KBSand 16 pull ups and so on.

CFEC welcomes Mike Miller to the Level 1 group classes. Mike is a power house on the ergo-meter, having competed in college crew. Take some tips from him on stroke efficiency and technique. Glad to have you in the family, Mike.