Notice:  Holiday class schedule.  Friday, New Year’s Eve, our morning class schedule will not change, but our Noon class will be the final class for the day.  There will not be a 5:00 pm class.  Saturday, New Year’s Day, we will have our CFEC annual “Start the New Year Off Right” workout at 8:30 am.  Please, come and join us.


Level 1

“No Time Tuesday”

5 Sets
5 Bench Press   *AHAP
12 DB One Arm Bent Over Rows    (each arm)   *AHAP
12 GHD Sit Ups
8/4  Ring or Bar Dips
10 KB Romanian Deadlifts    *AHAP
4    50m Sprints
Post loads.


Level 2

3 Rounds
One Round every 5 minutes
20/15 Calories on Assault Bike
7 Clean and Jerks    175#/115#
20 Overhead Walking Lunges  45#/35#
5 Rounds
20 KB Swings 70#/53#
15 CTB Pull Ups
Post Rx or cycles completed and time.


CrossFit Old School

5 Rounds
30 Double Unders
25 Med Ball Cleans 20#/14#
10 Burpees
Post time.