Press  5 X 3

GHD Sit Ups  3 X 15

Dead Hang Pull  3 X Max Reps


500m Row ( 10 Burpees every 20 strokes)

10 KB One Arm Snatch (Rt.)  53#/35#

10 KB One Arm Snatch (LT.)

20 Box Jumps  24"/20"

3 times.

Post loads and time.

Coaching Tips:  The first workout has no time element involved.  Take as long as you need to get as good a number as possible. By number, I mean, weight used.  If you can only do one dead hang (no kip) pull up, than that will be your max for the day. If you scale by using a band for assistance in your pull up, use a lighter band to help you perform that pull up with less help.  The second workout has us doing something taken from CrossFit Endurance.  When rowing, count your strokes, because every 20th stroke you must get off the rower and do 10 burpees. Make your strokes be as efficient as possible.

Take a look at these two pictures.  Rebecca's positioning in the second picture is different than in the first picture.  As she was fatiguing, her power position was being compromised for the sake of just completing the rep. However, her increased state of fatigue could clearly be pointed out by her inefficiency of movement.  The less efficient she moved, the more fatigued she got.  A simple verbal que got her body moving much better, and finishing the workout much faster.