Back Squat – Heavy Single


25 Wall Ball  (20# @ 10'/16# @ 8')

200m Sprint

4 times.

Post load and time.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  Warm up properly prior to any max load lifts. Check your workout logs to research the last time we did heavy single in the back squat and it's there where you should have a blueprint on a previous warm up scheme used.  We will go over this once more during our dynamic warm up, prior to the workout.  The second workout is a quick couplet designed to keep good running form after your legs have been pre-exhausted.  Strive to keep your torso upright and drive your elbows back forcefully, while keeping your hands open and relaxed.

Congratulations to Linda Griffin for completing the Beginner's Element Class.  Linda's natural athleticism and running background has given her a solid foundation to excel at CrossFit.  Nice job, Linda.