"UFC Monday"
With a continuously running clock, complete as many repetitions as you can in one minute at each of the following stations….

Clean & Jerk(M-95#,W-65#)
Tire Flips

Rest one minute between each of the three rounds

10 Ways to De-stress
Mark Sission,

It’s been several decades since Bobby McFerrin (Yes, Bobby McFerrin, not Bob Marley) wrote the hit song “Don’t Worry be Happy” and yet we still can’t, well, quit worrying and get happy.

Whether it’s the kids, work, or a to-do list that simply won’t quit, the reality is there are hundreds of sources of stress in our lives and very few real ways (short of hiring a personal assistant, and even that’s no guarantee!) to deal with them…or are there?

Pick up milk, purchase stamps, update your checkbook, turn in the forms for the kids’ summer camp…and the list goes on, so much so that sometimes even the thought of having to tackle your mental to-do list is more intimidating than actually just getting it done! Unfortunately, in these instances, you have no choice but to take care of things. To make it more manageable (and remove the stress from the situation) transfer your mental list into a more tangible medium, either in the form of a written list or an electronic Outlook or Blackberry reminder list. Not only will writing everything down free-up much-needed mental space, it’ll also give you a visual place to check off tasks as you complete them.
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