"Fight Gone Bad"

With a continuous running clock, 5 exercises, 1 minute each.  Every rep counts as a point (For Rowing it is calories) 1 minute rest in bewtween rounds

3 Rounds of

Wall Ball (M-20#, W-16#)

SDL HP (M-75#, W-55#)

Box Jump (M-24", W-20")

Push Press (M-75#, W-55#)

Calorie Row

Post totals to comments

Here is a great video to watch…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eeJS9Kmt04

Even if you do not want to participate in the workout, please come cheer the team on!  Thanks again everyone for your support!

REMINDER….We are also having a "free" workout tomorrow at 11am.  All fitness levels welcome!