AMRAP in 10 Minutes Of:


10 Pistols


3 Rounds For Time:

3 Shoulder Press (95#/65#)

6 Push Press

9 Push Jerk


For Time:

500m Row

400m Run

300m Row

300m Run

250m Row

200m Run

Coaching Tips: Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  Modify as needed on any of the exercises, but try to work out of your comfort zone on the Handstand Push Ups. Get your hips over your shoulders and your shoulders over your hands doing the HSPU's. Forehead to the floor and full arm lock out. Attempt the pistols from the floor but if you don't have the leg strength developed yet, stand on a box and attempt them from that position. As a last resort, use an assistance band underneath the pull up bars to help get full range of motion. On the press triplet, lock your knees for the shoulder press, bend your knees once on the push press. You can split jerk the push jerk if needed.

Kim Dibble down low, Chad Bell up high…