Split Jerk



3 Rounds for time.

10 Body weight Front Squats

20 Weighted Sit Ups (35#/25#)

Post load and time to comments.

Coaching Tips: On the split jerks, move your body straight down and up.  Extend your hips explosively and drop into the lunge position quickly to get under the bar.  Your last set should be an all out effort.  On the front squats, your first move out of the bottom position should be to drive those elbows up and get those hips under the bar.  Think HIGH elbows.  For the sit ups, hold the dumb bell under your chin and get your chest to touch your thighs in the up position. Shoulders touch the floor on the down position.


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Speaking of textbook Sumo Deadlift High Pull…Complete aggressive extension of the hips, shrug the shoulders, and then finish with the pull.  Beautiful, Rebecca.