400m Run

50 Push Ups

50 Goblet Squats  53#/35#

3 times.


Tabata Double Unders

8 rounds of 20 seconds of double unders, 10 seconds rest. Score is lowest number of double unders.


5 Handstand Push Ups

10 KB Pistols  35#/26#

3 times.

Post time, D/U reps and time.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level. Make sure your are achieving full range of motion in the push ups and squats. Chin, chest and thigh to the floor and full extension at lock out. Keep half of the KB above the collar bone during the goblet squat.  What ever the lowest count of double unders in the 20 seconds of work time, will be your score.  The KB pistols are 5 each leg and the KB must be held just like you did doing the goblet squat.

Thanks to Vince for bringing in some of La Mesa PD's finest to conquer the "House of Cards."  Awesome job guys!