Partner Workout

For Time
500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m Row
*Partner Holds 2 KB’s in Front Rack 53/35#
*5 Burpees (Each)  Every Time You Drop the KBs (Includes Switching from Row to Hold)
*P1 row 500, P2 Hold Then P1 Holds, P2 Rows 500…Continue until Each Partner Has Rowed Each Distance.
-Post Time and Number of Burpees Performed

“Mystery” Choose One

With a Running Clock, Continue as Long as Possible
Min 1: 1 Deadlift 135/95#+ 1 Push-Up
Min 2: 2 Deadlifts+ 2 Push-Ups
Min 3: 3 Deadlifts+ 3 Push-Ups….
-Post Highest Round Completed

100 Double Unders
50/40 Cals on Bike
50  Back Squats 135/95 (From Floor)
50 Hip Extensions
50/40  Cals on Bike
100 Double Unders
-Post Time