Team Workout

Working in teams of 3, perform the following for time:

75 Clusters  95#/63#

100 Box Jumps  24"20"

125 Deadlifts   225#/135#

800m  KB Farmer Walks  2 @ 35#/ 2 @ 26#

3000m Row

12 18" Rope Climbs

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  Only 2 people can be working at a time, the only exception being the row and farmer walks. In those cases, you can have one person row or walk while the other two work on the other exercises.  The team can only work on one exercise at a time, until the reps for that exercise has ben completed.  The only exception, again, is the row and the farmer walk.  So, for example, 2 people are doing the clusters while one is rowing.  You cannot have one person rowing, one person doing box jumps and another climbing the rope. There cannot be 2 people rowing or walking at the same time, either.  Each member of the team must do at least one rep of each exercise.  The row and walks can be segmented into shorter distances as you see fit. 

Please, wear appropriate clothing for climbing the rope. Knee socks, long pants or long shorts are good articles of clothing for climbing the rope.