500m Row

15 Thrusters  95#/63#

15 KB Swings  53#/35#

Rest 3 Minutes.

3 times.


2 Mile Run

Post time minus 6 minutes and run time.

Coaching Tips:  Try to get all of your reps unbroken.  If that means resting for a few breaths before you start the thrusters or the KB swings, that's fine, just don't stop. You'll get 3 minute rests in between sets.  Get mentally tougher.  Make sure that you pass the back roll up door as you start your second lap of the mile loop.

Sometimes, you'll have to use your math skills in some of our workouts.  Here's a picture of Mallory adding up her rep count during the squat/double under workout last week.  Now we can double check her math.