Pull Up/ Push Up Ladder



35 KB Swings  53#/35#

50 Double Unders

3 times.


100 V- Sit Ups

Post times.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  The pull up/push up ladder starts with doing 12 reps of pull ups and push ups, then moving on to 11 reps, then 10 reps and so on…down to zero.  The more pull ups and push ups you can do unbroken, the faster your sets will be.  The next couplet calls for a relatively high rep count of KBS followed by 50 double unders. The goal here is to work through the forearm fatigue and get through each set unbroken, as well.  The v sit up is a new version of a sit up for us. There is a higher than normal balancing element to rely on as you raise your straight arms to reach your toes, while your raise your leg off the ground. The touching of your toes needs to happen above your hips and not the knees. Keep your arms and legs as straight as possible during this sit up.

Awesome, Brittany Simpson proudly displays her certificate showing her completion of the CFEC Beginners Elements Course.  She's well on her way to achieving great things in CrossFit. Way to go, Brittany!