Throw Back Thursday!  This workout was taken from February 13, 2010.



200m Run, KB Swing  53#/35#

2 times.

25 Calorie Row, Wall Ball  20#/14#

2 times.

150 Jump Rope, Burpees

2 times.

Post time, total reps for each couplet and overall rep count.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movement to match your current fitness level. The workout goes like this, working in teams of 2 you both try to accumulate as many reps as possible while the other either runs, rows or jumps rope. The team that does the highest rep count in the shortest work time is the winner. All exercises will be judged for complete standards in both load and movement.







Barbell Club

Power Clean + Push Press: 3 x 2(2+1) @ 75% PP, 2 x 2(2+1) @ 80%

Snatch Push Press + Snatch Balance: 3 x 3+1 @ 70% SN, 2 x 3+1 @ 80%

Clean Pull: 5 x 3 @ 95% Clean

Post loads.