50 Double Unders

15 Burpees

10 BB Complex ( Clean/Push Press/Back Squat/Push Press) 95#/63#

3 times.


15 Deadlifts ( M-BW/W-3/4 BW)

25 Box Jumps  24"/20"

3 times.

Post times.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  For the barbell complex, the bar starts on the ground and ends on the ground. From the ground, you can power clean to front squat or squat clean the bar. You may then go right into a thruster or stand and push press it over head. Place the bar in the back rack position and back squat the bar. You may then do a thruster or push press to get the bar overhead and back down on the ground for one rep. The weight standard for the deadlift is bodyweight for men and 3/4 body weight for women.

The new CFEC style spin class. It looks a lot different than the "globo gym" advertisements for their spin classes.  There are no smiling faces here. Just gut busting hard work.