In Honor Of Veteran's Day, Pick a Hero Workout.

Your Choices are:


5 Rounds

800m Run

5 Rope Climbs

50 Push Ups



1 Mile Run

2000m Row

1 Mile Run



5 Rounds

7 Muscle Ups

21 SDLHP  95#/63#

Post which W/O and time.

All three workouts are named after military personnel killed while serving their country.  Be proud to do these in their honor and for all other military men and women who have served defending our great nation.

Thank you to all who attended CrossFit East County's ribbon cutting ceremony.  It was a great honor to receive such accolades from El Cajon's city government officials.  Thank you to Bill Wells from the mayor's office.  Thank you to Ellen Malin from Congressman Duncan Hunter's office.  Thank you to August Mao from Assemblyman Joel Anderson's office. Thank you Catherine Martin for putting this all together.  Thank you Tony Patterson for all those kind words and for being a great example of what CrossFit can do to someone.  Thank you to all the CFEC staff for all of your tremendous help in small ways and in large. But most of all, to our members, for who all of this is for.  Every word written on that whiteboard, every piece of equipment purchased and every word of encouragement uttered from my mouth, is not worth a thing if not for you. You are CFEC.